English at ENSA
Limoges School of Art

Ensala.fr started life in 2003 as a by-product of English lessons at the French National School of Art in Limoges. It served initially as a platform for comments, information and gossip about life at the school as well as a workbench for learning coding languages for the internet. All the pages are hand-coded from scratch - as you’ve probably already guessed by now. French-language information about the school can be found on the rather cool official website so if you are looking for up-to-the-minute news on what the school has to offer and what students and staff get up to, please go there. Meanwhile, Ensala.fr has evolved into a convenient repository for occasional announcements or to provide room for experiments, feedback, extra help and semi-private archives. This is very much an alternative vision of how an internet site can operate and no doubt will continue to evolve as needs change.