Snake Charmer Exercises

  1. Her hobby is more important than trying to find Mr. Right.
  2. Even when it means less time for relaxing with friends.
  3. (Lisa) spends all her free time looking after Tim, Tom and Sam.
  4. They need a lot of talking to and affection.
  5. She sat there looking at me as if...
  6. "No boyfriend at the moment?" I asked, changing the subject.
  7. I left Lisa to give Tim, Tom and Sam their dinner, closing the door very firmly behind me.


  1. I quite like cycling, but I'm not very keen on doing it for more than an hour without a stop.
  2. I used to be quite interested in castles and things like that when I was young, but as I got older I just lost interest.
  3. I'm really bad at maths. I'm hopeless at it.
  4. My sister is just mad about a certain football player! She supports Manchester United.
  5. I used my new skis last weekend. They're great. I'm really pleased with them.
  6. I like watching sport, especially rugby, but I'm not very good at playing anything.

good at
pleased with
keen on
interested in
mad about
bad at

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