Cafeteria area with drinks machine at ENSA Limoges

Experimental art space open to all

Our environment has many "blind spots". One of them is the humble drinks machine.

Your mission (if you accept the challenge): Make a work for the drinks machine window (see photo and max dimensions opposite) It can be purely graphic, a relief sculpture, video, sound ...or anything you like.

Themes; drinks / drinking, thirst, hot, cold, relaxation, chat, friends, meeting, buttons, lights, colour coding, icons, machinery, money, coins, etc ...but feel free to explore other ideas.


  1. Make your work.
  2. Leave it at the entrance desk (l'accueil) with your name and any details.
  3. Wait for it to appear in the drinks machine window.
  4. Organise an opening night party.
  5. Dimensions

    Window space; 65cm x 32.5cm x 3cm
    Hidden space; 50cm x 38cm x 15cm