James Lee Byars

Three lists to organise his life and philosophy
and maybe an exhibition.


James Lee Byars famously spent a lot of time making lists.

In this first list we can see how long scrolls of hand-made paper, inspired by living in Kyoto and zen philosophy started a taste for textiles and ceremonious performances. His favourite sentence reads like a haiku;
Like a dream
like a vision
like a bubble
like a shadow
like dew
like lightning.

The list is reproduced from a press release for Made with Paper at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York, in November 1967.


Another biography of James Lee Byars in twelve sections


Philosophical questions

This was part of the press release from Mr. Byars and 6 Plays a series of performances, installations and art works by Byars held in September and October 1968 at the Architectural League of New York.