Shocking Origami

First step; follow the instructions.

  1. Crease the paper lengthwise down the middle, then fold corners A, B, C and D to points X and Y.
  2. Fold A over to B and crease the edge.
  3. Fold A to B, crease and unfold. (Use the dotted lines as a guide. A and B should meet at a point beyond the paper edge.
  4. Turn this stage over.
  5. Fold A down to B and crease.
  6. Grasp the corners X and Y.
  7. Bring your hand down sharply and decisively from an outstretched position... with a fast swinging movement.
  8. To reset, merely push flap X back into position. You are ready to repeat action N°7.

What have you just made?

Find out here. (double click to close)


This is called a pistol shot. If you swing fast enough, it should imitate the sound of a gun, rifle or pistol or even a bullwhip crack. As before, vary the size and thickness of your paper, try other materials, perfect your movement and you should get a wide range of sounds, from high-pitched to low, from soft to very loud. The technique is still occasionally used for sound effects on stage or in films.