Post Diploma

The Kaolin Post Diploma course at ENSA Limoges gives postgraduate students or young professionals a chance to develop experimental projects that deploy ceramic materials in contemporary urban environments. Past course members have interpreted the subject in poetic or artistic ways (moulding puddles, making rainbow rainsticks) or have responded by investigating the potential of ceramics in urban furniture, modifying eating habits through innovative tableware design or exploiting novel decorative techniques. It is hoped that future candidates will continue proposing creative and original applications for ceramics.

The course is based on the principle of a residency with study periods in Limoges and Jingdezhen, China. You are encouraged to take advantage of the extensive network of contacts and infrastructures available in both towns, using facilities locally and further afield. At the end of the course, ENSA organizes exhibitions of the projects that have been produced. 2012-13 students exhibited in China, Paris and Limoges.

Download application details here for last year's course (2013 - 2014).

GLOBAL TOUR LIMOGES / SHANGHAI / JINGDEZHEN Marion Bocquet-Appel Cécile Charroy Merel Cremers Xiang Chen Xisco Duarte Barcelo Exhibition at the French National Museum of Ceramics - Musée Adrien Dubouché, Limoges. 30 January - 31 March, 2013