Tomaž Furlan

Tomaž Furlan has been working on his sculptural and video project in progress, entitled Wear, since 2006. The artist says that Wear is “some sort of a critical reflection on the basic use of interactive works or, as it were, sculpture, which have emerged as extended body functions in a forced process”.

The video works from Wear are actually video performances created for the camera in a very simple, but efficiently monumental way, in which the artist is the creator of the whole process. The series includes unique personal confessions which the artist applies to the state of the contemporary world and connects to universal processes in society; alienation, mass production and consumption, which show how an individual is involved in the mechanism of different inevitable systems. In this way, Furlan questions the individual’s freedom to choose personal activities which are not necessarily suitable/appropriate/applicable, profitable or useful.

From Ljubljiana Arts News