Monuments & Sculptures


Draw a flying-buttress or a gargoyle.

Flanking the Flamboyant-style Portail St. Jean is a set of sculptures showing the Stoning of St. Stephen (lapidation de St. Etienne). Notice how the sculptor got around the technical challenge of portraying the flying stones.

Cathedral Gardens

Draw a plant or the Orangery facade.

The Municipal Museum (BAL)

The former Bishop's Palace Museum is a wonderful source for iconography of all kinds and periods. The Roman and Medieval sections contain inspiring low-relief sculptures. Spend an hour sketching here and explore some of the Ancient Egyptian artifacts too.

Rue du Rajat

The oldest street in town has many secret stories to tell. Look for the natural spring at the bottom of the street. Its waters fix dyes permanently onto cloth and have been used for at least a millennium.

At the top of the steps, look for the relief sculpture of a lion or dog on the lintel over the door of one of the first houses. The stone was clearly scavenged from the ruins of Medieval ecclesiastic buildings and may even be much older.

Place Jourdan

You can't miss the main war memorial but most people hardly notice two other sculptures, one military and the other demurely discrete. What do they represent or commemorate? Identify the sculptors?

Sexual Innuendo

Look at the war memorial situated just opposite Place Jourdan, at the beginning of the road that leads to the station (Av. du Gén. De Gaulle). What war does it commemorate? Can you find the unintended sexual member? You will never be able to look at the monument again in the same way. Photos or drawings please !!!

Champs de Juillet

Follow Cours Jean Jourdan towards the Champs de Juillet. Find two more large and voluptuous sculptures there. What do they represent and who made them?